One of the beauties of the modern age is that there is a utensil in the kitchen for virtually anything you want to do. Few things require that you make all the effort. You no longer have to mix things by hand, you no longer have to squeeze the juice from fruits yourself because there is a machine for that, and many others. I can do this all day long. Preparing meals has become so easy and convenient that you barely have to do something yourself.

Mirro 50024 Foley Stainless Steel Food Mill
Perfect for mashing, straining, grating and ricing.
Ideal for natural and healthy food preparation.
Stainless Steel construction.
Oxo Good Grips Food Mill
ideal for hot foods and prevents staining
includes 3 stainless steel grinding discs for preparing foods
spring-loaded lever for easy disc exchange and disassembly
Cuisipro Deluxe Food Mill
3 interchangeable disks in 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm sizes
Extra-large stainless steel bowl with non-slip handles
Large knob turns to evenly puree fruits or vegetables

But what I want to talk to you about is the food mill. I suppose you are familiar with it, especially if there is a baby in your family. Making baby food is the primary reason people buy this utensil. Of course, there are other reasons, like mashing fruits and vegetables for yourself, but moms love the food mill because they can feed homemade food to their babies.

The benefits of a food mill

I guess you can agree when I say that every single cookware you have in the kitchen has its benefits. That is why you bought them in the first place. Anything that makes your work a little bit easier is worth investing in. It goes the same with the food mill. It has plenty of advantages, enough to make you buy one. They are mostly related to making baby food because that is the major interest. Here are just a few.

  • ü It does not require electricity – that helps a lot with portability. As long as you are at home, you can use a blender or a mixer, but when you are away, not so much. What if you go someplace where there are no power outlets, like in the park or when you are traveling? You and I both know the importance of providing fresh food to your baby. But because a food mill has no use for electricity, you can simply throw one in your child’s diaper bag and make fresh food while on the road. Furthermore, a food mill is also preferred by people who like to save energy by using as few electronics as possible. A food mill will beat a blender in that case.
  • ü Ease of cleaning – I believe you are familiar with cleaning a blender, aren’t you? Making food in it can get messy, and it’s not like you can put the entire thing in the dishwasher. It’s electrical, after all. You need to handwash the top, and the bottom, where all the wiring is, must be cleaned with a cloth. But a food mill has few parts that are very convenient to clean. Some models are even dishwasher safe, and you don’t even have to worry about them.
  • ü Compact design – not everyone has a big kitchen, just so you know. If you have a small one, everything that can save you some space is more than welcome. A food mill is such a product. It is a lot smaller than a food processor. There is no need for it to occupy a lot of space on your kitchen counter (like food processors do), but you can just put it in a drawer. Simple as that.

What to consider when looking for the best food mill

All food mills have basicallythe same features, but what you need to pay attention to is the performance score, so to speak. They may all be the same thing, but some of them will do a better job than others. Here is what you need to consider.

  • ü The handle and hooks or loops – these will help the food mill hook onto a bowl or pot. The mill needs to hang inside the bowl, so all the food will stay inside and not fall on your counter. Configurations are different, but make sure that the mill can stay securely on the bowl.
  • ü Different disks – most models come with interchangeable disks, but what you need to determine here is what are you going to use the mill for. If you plan on doing more than mashed potatoes, it would be best if you chose a model with different gauges. That will make sure you can prepare meals of varioustextures. For example, a shallow-angled blade will push the food through the mill instead of just spreading it around like sharp-angled blades so.
  • ü Capacity – Although some people like to purchase a small food mill, I think that opting for a larger one is better for multiple reasons. Forst of all, you don’t have to mash the food in several batches, but you can do it all at one. Second of all, there is a lower chance for the food to get on the counter, as it will fall back down into the bowl. And lastly, a bigger mill will save you some dishwashing. For example, when you make mashed potatoes, just drain the potatoes right in the food mill, puree them back into the boiling pot, and so you don’t have to wash a colander and a holding bowl. The ideal food mill should have at least 2 quarts.
  • ü The blade should ride close to the disk – you don’t want a model that swirls the food around the mill. You want a model that grabs and forces the food through. To achieve that, the blade has to be as close to the disk as possible. The extra space between the two will cause the food to be swept around, rather than pushed through.
  • ü Grab – that refers to the disk perforations. Some models come with holes that are stamped from the outside. That means the protruding edges are on the inside. These edges help to grab the food so that the blade can push it through the sieve. If you are investing a larger sum of money on a food mill, you can get a disk that has polished perforations’ edges. However, the side of the blade is angled down a quarter of an inch, which will push the food chunks through more easily.
  • ü Quick and easy assembly–it would be best if you chose a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble. You don’t need all that frustration caused by a complicated food mill. Also, the easier is the food mill to take apart, the easier is to clean.

What are the best food mills?

Although you may be tempted to buy the first one you find, I highly advise against. Not only that you can end up with a low-quality product, but you’ll have to spend some extra money on a new one once the first one fails to do a proper job. The best way to determine which food mill is the best is to go through some food mills reviews. People who already bought a particular model are the most qualified to say if that model will do a good job or not. That is why I put together three products that meet the criteria of the best food mills.

Mirro 50024 Foley Stainless Steel Food Mill

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I decided to go for the least expensive one first because not everyone can afford to spend 80$ on a food mill. However, the quality-price ratio is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Finding a high-product at an affordable price is not as easy as it may seem, but the Mirro model meets that criterion.

You can find this model in two sizes. The 2-quart one is ideal for daily use, like making baby food or mashed vegetables. The 3.5-quart is suitable if you like to can fruit and vegetables.The food mill from Mirro is perfect for mashing, grating, ricing, and straining. If you like to prepare natural and healthy food, then this is the food mill you are looking for.

As far as construction goes, the Mirro food mill is sturdy enough. Despite its light weight, it is extremely durable. The metal that is made of is stainless steel, which ensures a long lasting lifespan. As long as you store it properly, it will not rust. It is dishwasher safe.

This model is easy to handle, but you need to be careful. I read about some people complaining that the straining holes are too sharp and pointy. I think it’s a terrible thing to complain about because they help to grab the food better. It’s true that you need to be careful handling it. When you want to gather the leftover food from the bottom, don’t use your fingers. But it is better to be cautious than to have all the food swept around for minutes at end. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Oxo Good Grips Food Mill

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This is one my favorite food mills because it has a lot of helpful features that will make pureeing food a lot easier than usual. The food mill from Oxo has a sturdy construction and is made of stainless steel. I don’t know if you know this, but stainless steel is a poor heat conductor, which means you cannot get burned and you can avoid staining.

This food mill comes with 3 stainless steel grinding disks that can help you prepare meals of coarse, medium and fine textures. It comes in handy when you want mashed vegetables with or without pulp. The simple, spring-loaded lever will make disk exchange and disassembly veryeasy and convenient. Putting the food mill together will last just a minute.

One of the features I like the most is the three non-slip legs that secure the bowl over the pot or bowl. They will keep the mill from falling into the bowl.However, it cannot be placed over pots or bowls that are bigger than 11 inches in diameter. What you’ll love even more is that the legs are foldable. That means the food mill will not occupy very much space in your cupboard.

The capacity is approximately 2.3 quarts. It may not be suitable for mass production of canned vegetable puree, but it is ideal for daily use. Both the handle of the bowl and the knob are covered in soft plastic that will make grabbing and handling very comfortable. As far as I am concerned, this food mill is one of the best. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Cuisipro Deluxe Food Mill

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Just as the title suggests, this cookware belongs to the deluxe league. Sure, it is more expensive than the other two models combined, but if you are looking for a kitchen utensil that has the potential of lasting a couple of decades, then the Cuisipro is what you are seeking. After all, it does come with a 25-year warranty. That can only mean one thing: it will last forever.

The Cuisipro food mill comes with 3 interchangeable disks with holes of 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm. That will allow you to prepare food of three different textures, but it will also allow you to choose between puree with or without pulp.

The bowl is extra large and is made of 18/10 stainless steel. The handles come with a non-slip feature for secure handling. The knob on the lever turns so that you can puree fruits and vegetables evenly. One of the things I like the most about this model is that it has an innovativeplastic scraper on the underside. It pushes the puree into the bowl or pot below. Your counter will be clean when you are done using the food mill, and you no longer have to use a wooden spoon to push the food down. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

I am very tempted to make the Cuisipro my number one recommendation, but then I decided to go for the Oxo Good Grips Food Mill. The price-quality ratio is the best, and you get a pretty high-quality food mill. The features are excellent, and it will prove to be of great help in the kitchen. That is why I believe it to be one of the best food mills available.


Making healthy food at home has become quite popular in the past few years. People become more and more aware of the benefits of healthy food. A food mill will prove to be very helpful to you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. It may be small, but it can improve your eating habits. Click here to buy on Amazon

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